Maeve OConnor

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My first attempt at editing was in the 1950s when I improved (or otherwise) manuscripts I typed during a secretarial job at a London medical school. A year or so after that I became a proper editor, or at least one with an editorial title, at the (now defunct) Ciba Foundation. And there I stayed for 30 years, editing ever more high-powered symposia that were organized by and held at the Foundation or, sometimes, abroad.

I joined ELSE, one of EASE’s predecessors, at or around its first General Assembly in London in 1970. At the second General Assembly in the wilds of Norway in 1973, Peter Woodford volunteered me to be his co-author on a style manual for the association. The book was published early in 1975 and did quite well, being an early example of the genre.

I retired from the Ciba Foundation in 1987 but it wasn’t a real retirement for quite a while. That year I became Secretary-Treasurer of EASE, a job that lasted 10 years, followed by another nine years as editorial coordinator/production editor of ESE.

Now I’m fully retired...

United Kingdom