Sponsored Members Scheme

EASE has operated a Sponsored Members Scheme for some years. This is designed to offer people with limited financial resources the opportunity to join EASE by having their subscription paid by an existing EASE member. This gives those who might otherwise not be able to justify the cost of membership a chance to experience at first hand the benefits the Association offers. 

It is anticipated that having experienced the benefits, sponsored members will be better placed to justify their investment in Association membership and be able to pay their own subscription in subsequent years. This enables the Scheme to be used to help more new people become familiar with EASE each year. 

The Scheme is only possible through the generosity of EASE members who are willing to support the Association in this way and encourage those in less well off countries with their professional development.  

If you wish to apply for sponsorship, please complete and send us a sponsorship application form (see below).

Half-price membership

Are you an editor living and working in an upper-middle income country?

The discounted membership has the same criteria as a sponsored membership, but includes editors living and working in upper-middle income countries.  A half-price membership of £40 is offered which will be topped up to the full fee by a sponsor.  Please use the application form below, indicating that you are requesting discounted membership.

Those wishing to become sponsors, please contact the EASE Secretary.