Council Members 2015-2018

EASE is managed by a Council that is elected every three years. The most recent elections were held in September 2015.

Council consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents and (at least) six members, plus the Editor of the association's in-house journal (European Science Editing). The current Council members (2015-2018) and their interests are listed below.


Professor Ana Marušić
Department of Research in Biomedicine and Health
University of Split School of Medicine
Split, Croatia



Chris Sterken
Research Director at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research

Guest Professor at the University of Brussels
Brussels, Belgium

Pippa SmartPippa Smart
PSP Consultancy
Oxon, United Kingdom

Editor of the EASE Science Editors' Handbook


Paola De Castro

Director of the Publishing Unit, National Institute of Health
Rome, Italy

Shirin Heidari
Journal of the International AIDS Society
Geneva, Switzerland

Chair of the EASE Gender Policy Committee

Sylwia Ufnalska,  MSc MA

Science editor and translator
Poznań, Poland

Editor of the EASE Guidelines for Authors

Elaine Seery

Author's editor and translator
Toulouse, France

EASE website manager and LinkedIn group manager

Moira HudsonMoira Hudson

Senior Medical Editor
ICON Health Economics and Epidemiology, Abingdon

Rachael Lammey

Product Manager

Ksenija Baždarić 

Research fellow at the Department of Medical Informatics Rijeka University School of Medicine, Rijeka, Croatia
Chief Editor of the EASE journal European Science Editing

Duncan Nicholas

Development Manager
Taylor and Francis

Ines Steffens


Past President

Joan Marsh

The Lancet, 
United Kingdom

Treasurer and Company Secretary

Professor Roderick Hunt

Annals of Botany Company, 
University of Exeter
Exeter, United Kingdom


Mrs Dalibora Behmen

EASE Secretariat
Split, Croatia
Tel/fax: +385 (0)21 557923