EASE is managed by a Council that is elected every three years and the most recent elections were held in September 2015. Council consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents and (at least) six members, plus the Editor of the association's in-house journal (European Science Editing). A list of current Council members (2015-2018) and their interests is available.

Council is responsible for promoting EASE, initiating services and activities of interest to members, coordinating the various activities, setting the budget and strategy, recruiting new members, liaising with other organisations regarding matters of science editing and publishing, and seeking opportunities for partnerships that strengthen EASE and science editing in general. 

Council also appoints Committees responsible for specific objectives, such as the Programme Committee that organises the bi-annual General Assembly and Conference. Members of these Committees may be, but are not necessarily, members of Council. Council and the various Committees meet in person once per year but most business is conducted by email and by telephone conference.

All EASE activities are supported by the Secretary (Dalibora Behmen) and the Treasurer (Rod Hunt).

Annual General Meeting

EASE holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) that is open to all members. The President's Report for 2013-14 and earlier years are available to members, together with the Minutes of the 2012-13 AGM.


The Editorial Board is responsible for the production of the quarterly in-house EASE journal, European Science Editing. The Board also manages the Forum, the Blog and the Bookshelf.

The Gender Policy Committee works to advance gender- and sex-sensitive reporting and communication in science. The goal is not only better science, whether in the life, natural or social sciences, but also enhanced evidence-based practices, interventions and opportunities, for both women and men.

The Programme Committee is responsible for organising the bi-annual EASE General Assembly and Conference. It usually comprises members of Council, sometimes with additional members.  Ideally, one member of the Committee will be based in the host city and will act as the local coordinator.  The Committee reports to Council which approves all major decisions.

The Nominations Committee is appointed by the President and serves until the following General Assembly. It invites members to submit suggestions for nominations, presents a list of nominations for each office or position to be filled to members and oversees the election, according to the Statutes and Bye-Laws.

Regional Chapters

EASE has established a programme of Regional Chapters  to facilitate interaction among editors within countries or groups of countries.The programme is open to proposals. To date, Chapters have been established in Croatia, Russia, Mexico and Italy. There is also a French group.

Honorary Life Members

Over the years, EASE has awarded Honorary Life Membership status to some of its members, in recognition of their outstanding service to the Association. Traditionally, these awards are conferred during the bi-annual conference.

Below is a list of those who have been so honoured:
Professor Paul Fogelberg, Vantaa, Finland
Dr John W Glen, Birmingham, UK
Mrs Jennifer T Gretton, Guildford, UK
Mrs Elisabeth Heseltine, Lyon, France
Dr Stephen Lock, Aldenburgh, UK
Dr Hervé Maisonneuve, Lyon, France
Dr Arie A Manten, Breukelen, Netherlands
Miss Nancy Morris, Farnham, UK
Ms Maeve O’Connor, London, UK
Dr Henri J Oertli, Bizanos, France

Statutes and Bye-Laws

Details of the Statutes and Bye-Laws governing EASE.

The Small Print

Company status, data protection, etc.